Generation Growers, Inc.
Modesto, CA

About Us

5 generations of quality! California grown since 1956!

We pride ourselves in “hands on” growing. Plants are hand pruned by skilled staff, potted up by crew members with over 20 years of experience, and each plant is cared for under the watchful eye of our multi-generational ownership.

As a family business, we are on the property 24/7. Throughout the day we are available to step outside and check on crops for you. Plus we visit the plants while . . . Roger is on his morning jog, Deanna and kids are walking the dogs, and in the evenings when we do our walks after dinner.

We enjoy bringing in the next generation. Student internships and work opportunities for high school and college students is vital to our industry. We have even had interns from the horticulture college in Booskop, Netherlands!

“Hands-on” pride, family run, with a love to educate the next generation – all packed into every plant we grow!

Our Mission

The employees of the Generation Growers family grow quality plants for quality garden centers. Established in 1956 and rooted in Northern California, our relationships are built through generations of service.

Our Vision

Generation Growers with five generations of experience, looks forward to supporting and growing the generations to come.